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PriHEMAC utilizes public-private partnership strategy with Faith-based organizations, Academia, multilateral and bilateral and multilateral development partners to empower and build capacity of identified appropriate target groups in communities for provision of quality health services base on primary health care principles.

Meeting Physical, Social, and Psychological Needs of Vulnerable members of the community through trained home health caregivers

Common Basis Social Needs of the elderly may include Loneliness or Social exclusion (because of unemployment, death or divorce, separation of children and family members, negligence and abuses, abandonment) loss of independence, low income, boredom etc.)

Common Basic Psychological Needs may include Delirium and Dementia/Alzheimer’s, affective disorder: depression, mania, anxiety, phobia, drug abuse, alcoholism. 

Common Basic Physical Needs of the elderly and convalescents may include because of fracture, incontinence, hyper/hypotension, congestive heart disease, stroke, eye and ear problems, diabetes, cancers etc. there could be inability to carry out some or most of the activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, eating, using toilet, walking etc.,

Training of Home Health Caregivers and Hemoglobinopathy counsellors

In order to ensure that the Caregivers and Ambassadors develop the appropriate skill, knowledge and attitude for required services, PriHEMAC has produced one Peer Reviewed Handbook each for training of home health caregivers and PriHEMAC Elderly Friendly Ambassadors.

Health System Strengthening

In partnership with Ministries of Health (MoH) and other Ministries, Department, and Agencies, PriHEMAC manages collaborative projects and programs; pilots innovative service delivery approaches; involves communities; develops human resources, and strengthens infrastructure and information systems

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